Hospital radio services throughout the country provide radio programmes to their local hospital or group of hospitals. These services are staffed by volunteers and aim to complement the services provided by national and local radio stations.

Producing radio broadcasts to the Hospitals is a complex business. It involves far more than sitting in front of a microphone, playing records. Programmes have to be planned and prepared, the patients have to be visited to collect requests and obtain vital feedback on the suitability and quality of our programmes and telephone and other enquiries have to be dealt with. None of this could occur without a great deal of support activity. Records have to be catalogued and indexed so that suitable titles can readily be found and the equipment has to be maintained in good working order. Add to this the administration required to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the production of programmes is complete.

But, this is only half the story! Broadcasting is an expensive business and much of our time is devoted to fund-raising activities. These range from street collections and sponsored events to full scale appeals; but new ideas are always welcome! We also need to publicise our service, so public relations play an important role in our activities. This area extends into helping the local community; by providing a public address service at school fêtes, for example.

Radio Wexham broadcasts exclusively to the patients and staff of the Wexham Park Hospital, part of the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. We are also part of the League of Friends in Slough, which is a registered charity. Although we are part of the League of Friends, we are essentially autonomous in that we are managed by our own executive committee and we raise our own funds.

Our registered aims and objectives are:

  • To provide a professional hospital radio service to Wexham Park Hospital
  • To improve the quality of life for the patients and staff.
  • To provide support services, from outside broadcasts to activities organised by the League of Friends.
  • To help in the local community wherever possible, always providing that the main role of serving the local hospital is not compromised
  • To raise funds to finance the service
  • Provide opportunities for all members to learn/develop radio and broadcasting skills