Stoke Poges Fete!

On Saturday 6th of June Radio Wexham set up at the Stoke Poges to provide all the music & commentary throughout the day. This event is always popular with our members as quite a few live in Stoke Poges – and would have been attending anyway!

The day started early, with rumours of no cars allowed on the cars it was looking like we’d need to haul our equipment from the car-park so we wanted to get a head-start on setting up, luckily that wasn’t the case and we were given permission – phew! However, as the Fete was still heaving when we were packing up at 5pm we ended up having to haul our equipment (speakers, cables etc.) but we were able to manage it, thanks in part to our Station Manager Lewis and his herculean strength at one point!

That aside the weather was fantastic, albeit windy! For a well turned-out event, our members sampled some of the tasty food being cooked up and a few ice-cream and refreshments!




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