Great Radio Wexham Bake Off!

Move over Paul and Mary, the dream team baking machine of Laura and Marian organized a delicious cake sale on Friday 22nd August to raise vital funds for Radio Wexham!

With a little bit of organization we managed to bake loads of delicious cakes and a variety of types to meet all requirements; victoria sponge, chocolate cake, banana bread, rock cakes, chocolate butter cream, vanilla sponge and icing, cornflake cakes..and more! We raised a whopping £193.75!

Advertising the Event!

Advertising the Event!

We were set up in the Main Reception of Wexham Park Hospital where there was a steady stream of visitors, Patients, Outpatients and lots of members of staff popping up, particularly for a lunch time treat!

Our delicious stall!

Our delicious stall!

The event also was the first time our brand new banner had been used. We got a new one to match our logos and red/blue scheme we have going. We’re really pleased with it and think it looks super snazzy!

Laura setting up shop!

Laura setting up shop!

Marian and our new banner!

Marian and our new banner!

Here is a look at some of the delicious cakes we made. Don’t worry if you missed out this time, I’m sure we will be repeating this again within a few months as it was well received and such good fun to do!

Can't resist a cake flag!

Can’t resist a cake flag!


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