Eurovision Memorable Acts!

Wow! This Saturday is Eurovision Weekend! We all know what that means, 3+ hours of cheesy pop music, maybe a bit of rock thrown in and endless entertainment. In honour of this spectacle we did a quick poll amongst our members to find out what we thought are the top 10 most memorable (for better or worse) acts. As suspected there are quite a few UK acts in this list, so let’s begin,  in no particular order:


Hard Rock Hallelujah performed by Lordi from Finland – 2006

The first band to ever win Eurovision with a rock song. They were definitely the stand out performance of that night, particularly due to their freakish, gothic costumes and headpieces. They looked like they had walked straight out of a Tolkein inspired novel! This was a performance that sprung to mind of many of our members – so it was certainly memorable!


 Diva performed by Dana International from Israel – 1998

Whilst this may not be the best song it is certainly one of the most memorable. The Eurovision was hosted in Birmingham that year which could be a reason we remember it that little bit more!

Dana International is also of course, famous for being the first transgender to win the contest. She attempted to repeat her success in 2011 but unfortunately failed to make the final cut!


Making Your Mind Up performed by Buck’s Fizz from UK – 1981

The skirts being ripped off and the jazzy hand routine make this a clear contest for top ten!


Waterloo performed by Abba from Sweden – 1974

How could a memorable list not include this hit from Abba that propelled them to the stratosphere?!

This song went on the become a no. 1 hit in several countries and is considered the best song in the history of the competition.

Waterloo is also the first time a group had sung in a language other than their home country, of course now that is the norm with the majority of the acts singing in English.


It’s My Time performed by Jade Ewan from UK – 2009

We have to give props to Jade Ewan for achieving a top 5 result after a dismal run in the contest for the UK. This was a lovely rousing song, which was sung very well and had a bonus of Andrew Lloyd Webber playing on the piano on the stage as well.

The UK has come last in the years 2003, 2008 and 2010. Let’s hope that Molly with “Children of the Universe” can do one better and win it this weekend!


Dschinghis Khan performed by Dschinghis Khan Group for Germany – 1979

D-I-S-C-O personified, this is a typically flamboyant Eurovision entry which achieve a respectable fourth place. A simply brilliant German entry.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids performed by Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan from Ireland – 1994

Ireland are the most successful country in the Eurovision and between 1992 – 1996 won the contest 4 times, an epic streak, and in 1997 came second to the UK’s own Katrina and The Waves “Love Shine a Light”.

What makes this song so unusual is the belief that this song was chosen deliberately not to win! Performed by an elder male duo it was a long shot to win, but it is a lovely acoustic piece with just a guitar and piano.


Fairytale performed by Alexander Ryback for Norway – 2009

It’s not difficult to see why Jade Ewan didn’t clinch the crown in 2009 against this song. It created a Eurovision Song Contest record when it won with 387 on the night. With its great folk theme running throughout, with energetic fiddle playing and fun dancing – watch the video for the spinning jumps! – it was a surefire winner.


Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi performed by Celine Dion for Switzerland – 1988

Who knew that Celine Dion would go on to become such a superstar after her win in 1988? Although Celine is Canadian she entered for Switzerland with a song in French (her native language). Celine clinched the title by 1 point from our very own Scott Fitzgerald with “Go”, possibly the closest win ever in Eurovision history.


And last but by no means least….

Cry Baby performed by Jemini from UK – 2003

Words fail us when it comes to describing why this was so memorable, it was horrifically out of tune, came last, oh and those two famous words “nil pois”


Jemini concludes top 10 memorable acts; if you’re favourite act hasn’t been mentioned why not tell us in the comment box below!


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