A Volunteer’s Perspective

Thank you to one of our regular Volunteers, Laura Harry for providing the extract below on what Volunteering at Radio Wexham is all about!

I am a volunteer member of Radio Wexham and have been since August 2013. The station is run entirely by volunteers with a Committee who make decisions regarding the longevity of the Station. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Radio Wexham because it has really boosted my confidence in meeting new people. I have made some new friends too.  When you first join as a member you must undertake 12 weeks of “ward-rounding” or being a Radip Rep! We aim to speak to the patients and spend the time to make someone’s evening more enjoyable and to involve everyone. It is important to respect the patients and their needs – and always sanitise our hands! We try our ultimate best to make their time in hospital more enjoyable so whatever the song genre or era, we are guaranteed to have it in our wide music collection.

We occasionally do “Outside Broadcasts”. In the time I have been with Radio Wexham, we have been committed and taken our own time to support Heatherwood Hospital’s 90th birthday and supply the music for Farnham Royal’s Cricket Club fireworks display. We have also gone to Sainsbury’s on the Uxbridge Road to raise money for the radio station as we have a total we must reach each year to keep going.

However, my favourite broadcast that I have been part of so far was the 24 hour CPR Challenge for BBC’s Children in Need. I took part in the CPR challenge and also supported the Radio station by supplying some great tunes to keep the vibe. Some popular disco tracks were played several times which got many people including myself dancing to raise lots of money for a brilliant charity – who I must thank for their work and dedication to those who are in need.

I now do the On Air Patients Request show with another member; this is a weekly show from 9 – 10pm every Thursday. The request show is made up from the songs that Radio Reps have previously collated from the Patients. I was quite nervous about speaking on air with many listeners tuning in but I really enjoyed it and my confidence improves each week.

2014 looks set to be a busy and fun year to volunteer at Radio Wexham and I look forward to going every week, so if you are thinking about joining don’t hesitate!


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