“Pumping” Music for Pudsey!

On Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of November, Radio Wexham supported the Wexham Park and Heatherwood Trust during the 24hr continuous CPR Resuscitation Challenge. The event took place in aid of Children in Need and raised over £3000, what a result!


Children in Need Banner!

Our Members were at the Hospital at the crack of dawn to set up our Outside Broadcasting Equipment in Wexham Park Hospital’s Main Reception. We helped kick the event off with a bang at 8am and continued for the next 24 hours until 8am on Saturday!
This was a great event to be part of and all our members had a fun time, many were dancing in the Hospital reception to the tunes of YMCA and Cha Cha Slide! Choosing songs to play was difficult as we needed fast songs; we set a minimum of at least 100 beats per minute to help those performing CPR keep a good steady rhythm. We were also asked to play Stayin’ Alive at least once per hour, as this is the official song of the British Heart Foundation’s marketing programme.


DJ Pudsey behind the Decks!


Meeting Pudsey!

Alongside RW, the hospital’s RESUS team were on hand to offer guidance and teach members of the public (and non-clinical staff) how to perform CPR. Events like these are great for raising awareness and may one day save a life, so RW was thrilled to be involved.


RW Member Laura “Pumping” for Pudsey

We hung up some Children In Need balloons and banners, and had some Pudsey ears on, some members even brought along themed cupcakes to be sold at the cake sale in Reception.



As this was a long event, the RESUS team had organised support to help come along and #PumpForPudsey, we had Sea Cadets, Scouts and at least five Fire Brigade crews turn up each taking their turn to perform CPR and the RW ladies had a good time posing for photos in the fire trucks and watching topless CPR too!!

But of course, the highlight of our day was meeting Pudsey, watching him dance along to the Macarena and supporting a great cause for Children all around the United Kingdom.

Thank you to all our members that participated, and a big THANKS to Paul our Chairman, and Anil one of our Radio Rep Co-Ordinators for lasting the whole 24hours!


Some of the Gang!


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